Here are some applications where virtual tours can be used on your website to drive more customers to your business and engage them for longer.

This list is by no means exhaustive, we’d like to hear from you if you have an application that isn’t mentioned.

Hotels, Bars or Restaurants

  • B&B accommodation

  • Luxury and Boutique accommodation

  • Hotel or Motel

  • Restaurants and Bars

Showcase your entire venue, it's features and services.  Link (hotspots) to online information (like booking forms, product / service information or pricing). 

18th Amendment Bar, Geelong

eCommerce / Retail showrooms

Virtual showroom walkthroughs link your real-life showroom to your online store - engaging customers for longer and increasing sales.

Virtual tours can be built to complement existing websites or online stores.  They can be fully integrated with no need to modify the original website or eCommerce store. 


Tourism and accommodation

Highlight your venue’s features, products and services then secure the booking with links from the virtual tour.  Links can also be made to videos, image galleries, testimonials and other websites. 

Panoramic virtual tours give customers a true sense of “being there” allowing them to walkthrough the venue and guarantee a booking.

Brentwood Accommodation, Healesville

Wedding reception and corporate event venues 

Show tourists highlights with 360° panoramic views of key locations on an easily navigated map or floorplan.  360° video will enhance the experience and show the action like never before.   

Hi-Voltage Karts

Business and Corporate

A VR tour can show the professionalism of your business and office facilities, warehouse or factory to prospective customers.    Links to your website, product or service information show exactly what your business has to offer.  Highlight your businesses points of difference with visual prompts and voice overs.

University Hill Conference Centre

Social Media Marketing

Create visually engaging Facebook page banner with 360 degree panoramas of your business or add an interesting element of motion and interactivity to your Facebook posts.  All Virtual tours come with a copy of each panorama ready for Facebook 360.   

360 Facebook


Create immersive educational tools that students will love to use.  Virtual Tours can show anything from architecture to geographical features and landscapes.  Hotspot links can take students to questionnaires, learning tools, interesting fact pages or relevant websites.  Teachers have the ability to bring their students to exotic locations otherwise impossible to visit. 

Add 360° video to highlight movement and take students on a virtual excursion within the classroom. 

Safety and site induction 

Create state of the art safety and/or site induction tours.  Links within the panoramas can provide information regarding hidden dangers or safe work practices.  Training videos may also be included to illustrate specific skills or hazards.

Sports / Social Clubs

Use a VR tour to set your club or venue out from the crowd.  Panoramas can show your sport ground, venue or clubhouse facilities.  Hotspots can cake viewers to information about members and services. 

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